Welcome To The High Spot


However you’ve managed to stumble across this blog, I thank you for being here, and I can assure you, the title of this blog is wrestling related – as opposed to anything else you may relate its title to. There’s no special story as to why I started this writing venture – I’m simply a mid Twenties guy with a passion for gaming, professional wrestling, and music. I always knew that writing was going to be a part of my life in some form, whether professionally or simply on the side of a 40 hour a week job, at the moment it’s the latter.

I’ve spent the last two years of my life dedicating my writing mainly to music, it has bought me more joy than I could have ever expected. There’s much more I have to say on a variety of topics though, and so here we are: a place where I can share my thoughts on other passions of mine, I hope you find what you read here at the very least poignant and entertaining. Follow me on Twitter @KristianLPugh, and you can keep up with my music related thoughts here: http://mosh.hitthefloor.com/author/krispugh/ and here: http://www.noizze.co.uk/home/author/Kristian-Pugh

And while you’re here anyway; here’s a video of me and my friends discussing our 10 favourite none rock/metal albums of all time for a podcast I used to host: